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What is WyHive?

We’ve been busy as bees installing state-of-the-art Wi-Fi for businesses. WyHive creates a virtual hive of connectivity that customers and clients want and need… and everyone is buzzing about it!

The world is connected like a giant Internet bee hive! People actively look for and use businesses and service centers that help them stay connected to the hive… wherever they are.

Plug and play quick installation… simple, safe, secure…You’ll be all a-flitter about WyHive!

People cite Wi-Fi as the most important amenity0%
People who can't go without Wi-Fi for more than 1 day0%
People who can't go without Wi-Fi for more than 1 day0%
2-Year-Olds Who Use Mobile Devices0%
People who say 1 week without Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than 1 without coffee0%

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How It Works

WyHive is made up of a, dedicated Wi-Fi signal – a shared signal for visitors to access the internet. It allows you to safely share a bit of bandwidth with your customers and in return, they can surf safely. All the WyHive hotspots together create a “crowdsourced network” where everyone who contributes connects for free. To set up WyHive all you need is a broadband connection and a WyHive access point. It works with any broadband connection anywhere in the world!


The Benefits

  • Secure, Safe and Simple connections to the internet for your customers
  • Another value-added amenity for your customers
  • Brings in new and repeat customers with an enhanced customer experience
  • Become part of the growing WyHive Wi-Fi network
  • Segmented bandwidth, so your business operations are not hindered
  • Be listed on the WyHive national Wi-Fi Hotspot locator map app – Future benefit
  • Marketing materials included – window stickers, table tents and connection instructions – to promote Public Wi-Fi to your patrons
  • A meshed Wi-Fi network to give complete coverage, even to outside patios.
  • WyHive provides 24 x 7 technical support for the hosting business. United States based support
  • Preconfigured hardware, you just plug it in and you are a WyHive hotspot (Plug and Play). Just connect the WyHive access point to the internet for standard configuration
  • Best in class access points and software for guest Internet access
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • High speeds if combined with business grade internet access

Your Customers Benefits

  • Access to email and social media, download apps, share photos, and keep in touch with sports.
  • Fast connection and a great user experience
  • Free connection to a service they know and trust
  • Limiting use of their wireless data plans
  • Filtered service to protect innocent eyes and ears
  • No passwords. Patrons connect to WyHive once, and connect with every WyHive connection



Restaurants and Cafes

It has become the standard, and customers expect the best

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A great “value-added” feature for a competitive edge

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Fitness Centers

Staying in touch and updating physical fitness information

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Hotels and Resorts

A standard expectation, and WyHive is the best

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Municipal Wi-Fi

A lot of people need connections while conducting business

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Retail Stores

Information on products, in store coupon search or a quick “check in”

Specialty Shops

A great way to share a picture of unique products (marketing!)

Medical Offices

Helps your patients and family stay in touch in waiting rooms

Business Offices

A nice touch for in-office meetings with others

Connectivity for employees

Conducting business while on the job

Our Pricing

It’s Simple.

Best price
  • Basic Package

  • $475
  • Includes:

    • One Pre-configured Access Point (Plug and Play)
    • 12V@1A US Power Supply
    • Three foot Cat5e Network Cable
    • WyHive Window Sticker
    • One Year of Web Filtering
    • One Year of Technical Support
    • One Year of Firmware Upgrades

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